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Get more sales via Google.

Search is the second-biggest source of eCommerce sales but competing for potential customers online is tough. Google is saturated with key brands, big budgets, paid ads, dodgy tactics and overwhelmed consumers dizzied by the noise. 

The obvious step to boosting online revenue is to rank well – a carrot dangled by SEO agencies to encourage you to part with your cash. The thing is, showing up in Google isn’t enough. Rankings mean nothing if they don’t drive sales, and you need sales to survive. 

At Searcht, we’re focused on improving your ranking and organic click-through rates – the kind that doesn’t cost you with every click. Our goal is to analyse keywords and optimise content to drive more ready-to-buy, genuine organic traffic to your online store. 

How we make it happen

Improving your click-through rate involves many moving parts and industry jargon like 'seed keywords' and 'faceted navigation.' These technical terms are essential elements of search engine optimisation success, but they're snooze-worthy for our clients.

We’ll craft a jargon-free, achievable and profitable ecommerce SEO strategy for your business - a worthwhile long-term investment that drives revenue for years to come.

Keyword Research

Target buyers, not browsers
SEOs will often optimise your eCommerce website for high-volume search terms. In some instances, this makes sense – but we’ll go deeper. Our keword research will cover all bases, from high-volume options to less obvious (but smarter) opportunities that appeal to buyers who are more likely to complete a purchase.

SERP Optimisation

Showcase your products on Google
Does your current SEO agency offer product SERP (Search Engine Result Page) optimisation? If not, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to spotlight your stock using the latest Google product discovery features. Let’s chat about using the rich snippets, featured snippets, FAQ and popular product features to improve your click-through rate.

Product Research

Catch consumers when it matters
81% of consumers research online before purchasing. Does your brand show up during this critical phase of the customer journey? We’ll develop a comprehensive content strategy (and execute it for you) to ensure your content attracts the right audience at every stage of their buying journey.

Google Ads

Ads management you can trust
Mixing paid ads with organic SEO will maximise your search visibility and increase your ROI. As a verified Google Partner, you can trust our team of PPC specialists to plan, launch, manage and optimise your shopping campaigns. The sweetener? We’ll activate and nurture your free Google Shoppings Ads too.

What to expect

We work openly and transparently with our clients. That’s what keeps them coming back.
Lock-in contracts aren’t our thing but we do ask that you commit for at least 6 months. That way you will see the full value of your investment and our partnership.

The process

  • Chat

    First, we jump on a call to learn everything about your business, discuss your goals and share our thoughts.

  • Proposal

    Next, we'll use our chat insights to craft a tailored SEO proposal for your business. One that presents problems, opportunities, solutions and costings. Like what you see? Sign on and get started.

  • Strategy

    We'll designate the first month of work to strategy design - a process that should never be rushed.

  • Work

    The second month is where we roll up our sleeves and put our plan into action. Monthly, comprehensive and easy to understand reports will flow from here, to keep everyone accountable.

  • Ongoing Support

    At this point, some agencies take their foot off the pedal. Not us. We'll continue to analyse, tweak and nurture your SEO for maximum ROI.

Say hello

Want to chat about your business objectives? We’ll pop the kettle on.