SEO Services for Real Estate

Get more buyers, sellers and landlords to your agency via Google Search

Domain and dominate online property search results in Australia, so listing with them makes sense. But don’t settle for that alone.

Why? Because driving traffic directly to your real estate website is a better long-term marketing play. It’s cheaper, gives you more control over listings and branding, plus the opportunity to convince prospective buyers and sellers away from the noise of your competition.

SEO and paid ads can help you cut through the clutter, improve your Google visibility and drive leads directly to your door.

How we make it happen

Improving your Google visibility involves moving parts and industry jargon like 'on-page optimisation' and 'SERP analysis.' These technical terms are critical for SEO success but often snooze-worthy for our clients.

So, we've broken down our approach in simple terms to make the process jargon-free, straightforward and profitable for your agency.

Compel customers to action when they search for your agency

What do potential clients see when searching for your brand name, principals or lawyers online? Think of your Google profile as your second home page and first introduction to your firm. It should be polished, professional, accurate and compelling. We’ll sharpen your brand image by replacing irrelevant results with valuable, click-worthy links to your website, business profile, REA listing, Rate My Agent, social pages and positive press.

Top the list of local agents in search

What appears when you search for real estate agents in your suburb? You’ll likely see a few paid ads plus a map showing the top 3 local agencies – SEOs call this the ‘local pack.’ Local packs are prime real estate in the search world because 93% of these listings sit in the number #1 position, where most people are likely to click. We’ll sharpen up your local listings and help you pay-to-play in the ad space.

Optimise your property listings

What do you see when you search the street address of a live listing in your portfolio? Most likely an REA and Domain link – possibly other agents too. Ideally, your agency will top the list for current listings. At worst, it should sit under the big players, but certainly not under your competitors. This task calls on technical SEO skills and content strategy – something we have in spades.

Engage customers before they're ready to make contact

Sounds bland, but informational search is an untapped opportunity for agencies to drive more leads. We’ll use your knowledge to capture buyers and sellers during the research phase by creating content around things that matter to them. Topics like ‘family-friendly suburbs Sydney’ and ‘best schools Gold Coast’. With keyword research and the right strategy in place, this approach builds visibility and leads.

Why partner with us

For one, you want to grow your business online. But more importantly, you need a team you can trust to deliver results without blowing your budget.

We’ve worked with enough real estate agents to know that SEO can generate more business when you have an open mind and the right strategy in place. 

When you partner with us, you get a small but skilled team who apply technical know-how and industry best practices to ensure your Google search presence is polished, professional, and more click-worthy than your competitors.

Runs on the board

Our commitment to getting results has landed us some pretty weighty awards including ‘Top B2B Firms in Australia’ and ‘Top SEO agencies in Australia’. We’re also a certified Google Partner, so you’re in expert hands with us.

What to expect

We work openly and transparently with our clients. That’s what keeps them coming back.
Lock-in contracts aren’t our thing but we do ask that you commit for at least 6 months. That way you will see the full value of your investment and our partnership.

The process

  • Chat

    First, we jump on a call to learn everything about your agency, discuss your goals and share our thoughts.

  • Proposal

    Next, we'll use our chat insights to craft a tailored SEO proposal for your business. One that presents problems, opportunities, solutions and costings. Like what you see? Sign on and get started.

  • Strategy

    We'll designate the first month of work to strategy design - a process that should never be rushed.

  • Work

    The second month is where we roll up our sleeves and put our plan into action. Monthly, comprehensive and easy to understand reports will flow from here, to keep everyone accountable.

  • Ongoing Support

    At this point, some agencies take their foot off the pedal. Not us. We'll continue to analyse, tweak and nurture your SEO for maximum ROI.

Say hello

Want to chat about your business objectives? We’ll pop the kettle on.