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Here’s a gloomy stat for you: 90.63% of web pages get no organic search traffic from Google. Zero. No wonder your blog posts aren’t performing well – or at all.

Creating rank-worthy content is gruelling work. It requires research, time and a finely-tuned strategy to stand out above the 70 million new posts published each month, on WordPress alone. So, how do you cut through the noise?

You need an SEO-driven content strategy

A content strategy that leverages a deep understanding of search.
This will ensure your content investment will improve your search visibility and help support your growth.

How we make it happen

Let's supercharge your content in a way that works for you. Get a tailored content marketing strategy packed with everything you need to drive growth, or pick and choose from the services below. Then, handball it to your content team or ask us how we can help with content creation for you.

Website Content Audits

Do you have a growing pile of well-intended blogs driving underwhelming traffic and leads to your site? Hitting the publish button with minimal strategy and objective is usually to blame. Let’s begin with a content audit to assess the health, performance and conversion metrics of your existing content. Then we’ll lay out a plan to improve posts and maximise ROI.

A-Grade Content Briefs

Creating rank-worthy blogs to please humans and Google is a big ask. Save time and hassle with a Searcht Content Brief. Driven by Google analysis, our briefs are loaded with helpful advice, including word count, headings, subheadings, FAQs and featured snippet preparation.

Content Topic Advice

Choosing blog post topics is a tricky business. What seems like a good content idea can result in zero ROI and wasted time without a strategy. Our team combine research and best practice to identify content gaps and present you with a range of topics and titles, plus a content calendar to follow.

E-E-A-T Assessment

This step checks your E-E-A-T, Google’s algorithm acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. In short, we’ll review your site against the Google Quality Raters Guidelines to ensure your business stacks up with high-quality content primed for better visibility.

Why choose Searcht?

We specialise in SEO-driven content strategies to help your business grow through Google search – not your social posts or newsletters. When you partner with us, you get a small but award-winning team of digital folk dedicated to improving your search visibilty and growing your customer base organically.

Content marketing Services Searcht

But don't just take our word for it...

“When I signed up to Searcht I thought the monthly fee I paid was going to give me a caretaker for my SEO. In reality, what I have received is a professional and informed team who stay on top of trends, know my business intimately and are true marketing consultants. I would be very happy to chat to anyone who is considering using Searcht about my own experience.”

Kathryn Anderson, Viva Physiotherapy

Kathryn Anderson

Director, Viva Physiotherapy

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