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You have one goal for your Google Ads.
We have two.

First, we want to lower your cost-per-acquisition to stretch your budget further. Second, we want to drive higher quality leads your way.

Anyone can get you clicks—we plan to bring you business. There’s a big difference.

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Is it time to switch your paid search agency?

That depends. Is your current ad spend driving quality leads, or is it burning a hole in your pocket? If the answer is a charred pocket, it’s time to book a chat.

At Searcht, we help small to mid-market businesses manage Google ads guided by their business objectives. We don’t just play caretaker for your ads – we analyse, refine and nurture them to drive growth.

Our focus is less on the number of clicks on your ad and more on your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and PPC campaign performance. It’s how we stay accountable and keep your sales flowing.

APAC Finalist and Clutch Best SEO Company

Why choose Searcht?

When you partner with us, you get one point of contact certified through the Google Partner Program. Everything is done in-house with no hidden fees or commissions. We won’t lock you into a contract or charge you a percentage of your ad spend – you pay for what we quote, and that’s it. Think of it as Google Ads management without the fine print.

What you can expect

  • Strategy

    We start by getting to know your audience and mapping out your average cost-per-click, conversion rates, and cost-per-acquisition. Then, we identify target search terms and craft a tailored Paid Ads Strategy for you.

  • Set-up

    Once we've nailed the strategy, we start setting up your Google Ads campaign. This includes perfecting your account structure, writing copy and sharing landing page recommendations.

  • Monitoring

    Good Ads management relies on constant tweaking and testing. We'll assess your campaign performance and optimise targeting for keywords, locations, devices, and more.

  • Report

    Every calendar month, you'll get a comprehensive report, including conversions and cost-per-acquisition rates - not just clicks.

A word from our happy clients

“Searcht has been an instrumental partner in SkinKandy’s meteoric rise. They’ve driven enormous growth at a local store level with improvements seen across our whole portfolio of stores nationwide. They’ve reduced our CPA by two thirds and we have seen our ROAS improve significantly. There is no doubt their role in us becoming the world’s largest piercing retailer is significant, meaningful, and worthwhile.”

Jed Carey

Marketing & E-commerce Manager, SkinKandy

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